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Aircraft Import and Export


We have assisted many Clients in moving their aircraft all over the world - we can arrange everything for you from disassembly through to reassembly and Certificate of Airworthiness.  For a ‘hassle free’ move, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

We can give you a full service including: organising shipping; arranging customs clearance; arranging transportation at points of departure and arrival; arranging disassembly in the country of departure; arranging for reassembly of the aircraft in its destination country; arranging Certificate of Airworthiness in the destination country.

We are also able to transport parts to and from overseas countries.

Examples of projects we have been involved in:

The only flying Avro Cadet 631 which we imported from the United Kingdom, carried out a comprehensive restoration and then delivered it to the Irish Air Corps at Casement, Ireland where it remains flying.

Piper L4A Grasshopper from Hawaii which also was a full restoration back to its original scheme and remains part of our flying fleet today.

A Cessna 180 from the United Kingdom and subsequent on- sale.

Boeing Stearman

Slingsby Firefly

Robin 2160, 3000, President DR400/500, HR200

Miles Messengers from Australia and the United Kingdom

Cessna 180 from Australia to the United Kingdom

Miles Gemini

Beagle Pup and Taylor Titch

Pitts S2A

Cessna 150

2 Tomahawks

Piper Warrior

Citabria to name but a few

A major one was the disassembly (including centre section from fuselage) of a Lockheed 10A Electra from Wasilla, Alaska